The Principals and Professionals at MCB & Associates LLC (MCBA) strive to apply our unique global experience to deliver innovative solutions to all our clients needs.

Sketches of the MCBA Principals and Associates

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 Jim Martin

BS/MS Civil Engineering, Dr. Engr Environmental Engr - 30+ years experience, PE, Diplomate American Academy of Environmental Engineers

  • EHS metrics and performance measurement
  • Integration of EHS Systems & Programs with Business & Operating Systems & Programs
  • EHS Organization and Technical Management
  • Water, Waste, Hydraulics, Hydrologic Analysis & Design
  • EHS Management Systems (Global)
  • Crisis Management Corporate Board to Field level
  • Advice and Counsel to Senior Executives, Operating Management
  • Drilling, Reservoir, and Production Engineering

 Bob Callen

BS/MS/Ph.D. Chemistry - 30+ years experience

  • EHS Management Systems, Marketing, Refining, Chemical
  • Crisis Management and Disaster Preparedness
  • Oil Spill Response Planning, Operations, Training
  • EHS Technical Services Supervision and Management
  • LPG Safety
  • Government Relations and Negotiation

 Gary Brooks

BS Petroleum Engr, MS Environmental Engr - 20+ years experience, PE

  • Oil & Gas Producing Operations – Engineering, Supervision & Management
  • EHS Services - Technical Supervision & Management, E&P, Marketing, Refining, Chemicals
  • International EHS/MS Programs – Design, Review, Audit and Implementation
  • Industrial & Oilfield Waste Management Solutions
  • Offshore Regulatory Compliance
  • Global EHS Best Practices Networking – In-house and Industry-wide

 Jay Bailey

BS Petroleum Engineering 20+ years experience

  • International Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
  • EHS Management Systems – Global Design, Implementation & Audits
  • Government Relations and Regulatory Negotiations
  • Production, Reservoir, and Workover engineering
  • Industrial & Oilfield Waste Management Systems
  • Air & Water Permits and Compliance Programs



 Katherine Buell

BS Geological Engineering, MS Civil/Environmental Engineering - 20+ years experience

  • International Crisis Response Planning for LNG
  • Drilling, Production and Reservoir Engineering
  • EHS support for onshore oil and gas projects
  • Environmental Assessments/Compliance Audit

 Pat Flaherty

BS Business Administration - 30+ years experience in Operations & Transportation

  • Fuels Terminal and Lube Blend Plant Operations Management
  • Highway and Rail Transportation Services Procurement and Management
  • EHS Program Development and Coordination for U.S. Downstream Operations
  • Highway & Haz Mat Transportation Regulatory Compliance & Issue Management

 Paul Geaneas

J.D. Law, A.B. International Affairs - 25+ years experience

  • Domestic and International Industrial Security programs and Guard Force management
  • Security & Risk Assessments and Audits
  • Incident Investigations
  • Physical Security Design for plant and Equipment
  • Data and Information Security

 Danny Garcia

BA Education - 20+ years of experience

  • EHS Coordination for Offshore Production and Drilling Operations
  • EHS Management System Implementation & Training
  • Well site and geophysical impact assessment, monitoring and remediation
  • Fluent in English and Spanish

 Earl Gremillion

BS, MS Industrial Engineering-Certified Safety Professional - 35+ years experience

  • Occupational Safety and Health - Refining, Chemicals, E&P (Global)
  • Process Safety – Refining, Chemicals, E&P (Global)
  • Designed EHS System for E&P Start-ups in Africa, Venezuela & Middle East
  • Managed Safety Program Development for Korea Gas, PDVSA, Kuwaiti Oil and Pertemina
  • Risk Analysis / Management Programs

 Ed Hauswald

BS Chemical Engineering - 35+ years experience

  • Refinery Manager, Technical Manager, Maintenance Manager (Global)
  • Crisis Management Planning and Training
  • Oil Spill Response Planning and Training
  • Plant and Refinery Safety Programs – Design & Implementation

 Jeff James

BS Mathematics / Environmental Engineering - 30+ years experience

  • EHS Management Systems (Global Operations)
  • Oil Spill Response and Crisis Management
  • Facility and Behavioral Safety Refining and Marketing
  • Crisis Response Planning and Training
  • Occupational Safety and Health - Refining, Chemicals, E&P (Global)

 Mike Kimmitt

BS Public Relations & Government Relations - 25+ years experience

  • Strategic corporate public relations counsel to multinational corporations
  • Management of news media relations programs for media representatives
  • Implementation of news media response and crisis communications training
  • Community outreach program development
  • Publication/website editing, copy-writing

 Ray Lange

Ph.D. Chemistry - 35+ years experience

  • EH Management Systems (Global)
  • EHS Auditing (Global)
  • EHS Regulatory Compliance (U.S.)
  • Toxic Substances Handling / Compliance
  • OSHA - Voluntary Participant Programs

 Bob Mamora

BA Management, MBA - 25+ years experience

  • Supply Chain Management Specialist
  • Supply Chain Team Design - Team Dynamics and training
  • Strategic Sourcing and Logistics - strategy development and implentation
  • TQM, ISO 9000 and supply chain audits - program design and execution

 Mico Miller

BS Engineering - 25+ years experience

  • EHS Programs, Systems, Compliance (Marketing and Fuels)
  • Retail Outlet Design and Engineering
  • Service Station, Fuel Terminal, and Lube Plant EHS Compliance
  • Construction Management Fuel Terminals and Lube Plants
  • Flood Control and Storm Drainage Design

 Jennifer Monopolis

BS/MS Civil Engineering - 20+ years experience

  • Global Management Systems implementation, training and assessment
  • Management Systems planning, documentation & archival systems
  • Groundwater Hydrology expertise for mining and oil & gas operations
  • Global environmental programs and EHS issues management

 Ed Payne

Ph.D. Chemical Engineering- 25+ years experience

  • Site Assessments and Investigations
  • Remediation Programs - development, implementation, management & closure
  • Groundwater Hydrology and Modeling
  • Expert Witness and Testimony

 Anton Prodanovic

BS/MS/PhD Civil Engineering; MBA - 25+ years experience

  • International Project Manager
  • President Mobil/Texaco E&P Joint Venture - Offshore Russian Far East
  • International government relations and negotiations
  • Civil Engineering Design and Construction Management, Artic Expertise

 Marsha Simpson

BS Petroleum Engineering - 20+ years experience, PE

  • Reservoir Engineering & Technology Management
  • Oil & Gas Project Management, Planning & Design
  • Business Management for muti-functional teams
  • International Production and Facilities Engineering

 Dave Simpson

BS Mechanical Engineering - 30+ years experience, Certified Safety Professional

  • Risk Management & Process Hazard Analysis Specialist – E&P, M&R, Chemical
  • Behavioral Safety Systems - Analysis and Training
  • Loss Prevention Engineering and Process Safety – Global Manufacturing
  • OSHA programs, including “Management of Change” programs

 Ray Timberlake

Aviation Operations and Management - 20+ years experience
  • Aviation Operations Management
  • Audit and Inspection of Aviation Operations
  • Planning and Procurement for domestic and international aviation needs
  • Aviation safety training and operational procedures

 Doris Thompson

Public Relations & Corporate Communications - 20+ years experience
  • Internal & External Communications Programs
  • Public Affairs Project Management
  • Print media and Video Production
  • Speech writing, scripting and speaker training

 Ian Waldram

MS Mechanical Engineering - 30+ years experience

  • EHS Management System Integration with Business & Operating System
  • EHS Organization and Technical Management (E&P, M&R, Chemicals)
  • Risk Management and Safety Case Development (North Sea, West Africa)
  • Government Liaison, Negotiations and Compliance Solutions

 John Winston

BA Geology, MS Geology - 30+ years experience

  • International Government Liaison, Negotiations & Compliance Solutions
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments in sensitive areas (rainforests)
  • Well site and geophysical impact assessment and remediation
  • Geophysical/geological exploration and business management

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