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ICF Consulting

Strategic Advantage, Compelling Results.
For the past 30 years, that is what ICF Consulting has delivered to its clients.

Strategic advantage derives from careful management of resources. That's why ICF Consulting specialize clients manage the world's natural, physical, economic and community resources in a substantial way.

ICF Consulting assists clients in achieving strategic advantage by:

  • Optimizing energy resources
  • Meeting environmental challenges
  • Managing information technology resources
  • Fostering economic and community development
  • Enhancing transport policy and projects

Across these lines of business, ICF offers information products and specialized services that include market communications, risk assessment and change management.

Lines of Business

ICF's primary lines of business are environment, energy, economic and community development, transportation, and information management. Specialized capabilities in marketing and communications, risk assessment, technology transfer/brokering, public-private partnerships, change management, and training and facilitation applied to relevant lines of business.


ICF offers a full range of services including analysis, planning, implementation, evaluation, and program support activities, as well as products such as software tools and information resources such as newsletters and databases

For more information, contact MCB & Associates and visit ICF's web site: http://www.icfconsulting.com/

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