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OnSite Technology, LLC

Onsite Technology LLC, an environmental services company, offers a breakthrough in the clean-up of contaminated materials. OnSite's innovative patented Indirect Thermal Desorption Series 6000 Unit uses indirect thermal desorption to remove and recycle hydrocarbons and other contamination from various media. The ITD Series 6000 System is optimum for remediation and recycling of tank bottoms, K-Waste, drill cuttings and other hazardous hydrocarbon wastes and for hydrocarbon clean-up at Brownfields and other industrials sites.

OnSite's indirect thermal desorption system heats contaminated materials in a rotating kiln, vaporizing the hydrocarbons. Vapors are removed from the kiln and re-condensed for reuse of further disposal. OnSite is a leading provider of industrial services in the hydrocarbon removal industry. OnSite provides an attractive, economical and safe alternative to bioremediation, incineration, land farming and injection.

OnSite also offers microfiltration and waste water evaporation systems for assisting with waste management needs.

The microfiltration system utilizes porous stainless steel membrane modules to remove solid particles 0.1 micron and larger from hydrocarbon streams such as synthetic drilling fluids, fuel oils, diesel fuel, and gasoline. The system is suitable for applications where suspended solids are so small that gravity settling is ineffective.

The waste water evaporation system minimizes aqueous waste solutions by evaporation, utilizing custom designed burner apparatus. Customers can significantly reduce disposal water volumes and reduce the overall waste water disposal costs.

To learn more about the OnSite Technology processes and capabilities contact MCBA or visit OnSite's website at http://www.onsite2.com.

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